Hot Rod Hayride

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 – The Book

Even if you weren’t at the Hot Rod Hayride in 2010 I’m sure you will have heard the stories. Now you can re-live the events in the Hot Rod Hayride Book and help a fantastic charity at the same time. Available to order from Blurb in two sizes, all profits (£2 per book) will be donated to Brad’s Cancer Foundation.

Order 7″ book here from £10.95 + p&p

Order 12″ book here from £42.95 + p&p

The Book
80 pages featuring over 100 black and white photos from the Hot Rod Hayride 2010. Available in 7″ square or 12″ square with a choice of covers. A preview of the first 15 pages of the book is available through Blurb. All profits (£2 per book) will be donated to Brad’s Cancer Foundation, all other charges go to Blurb for printing and shipping.

The Charity
Brad’s Cancer Foundation provide equipment specifically for the care of teenagers with cancer in the East Midlands. Supporting the development of a Teenage Cancer Unit, through the Teenage Cancer Trust and to provide help and support to teenagers with cancer and their families to relieve the stress and hardship during a difficult time

The Show
Organised in collaboration between Jerry Chatterbox and The Executioners Car Club the Hot Rod Hayride is now in it’s 6th year. Attracting car clubs from all over Europe and attention from all over the world this has become one of the must do events to get to.
Phone: 01435 812508
Fax: 01435 812598

The Photographer
Nick Grant has been working with car magazines such as Custom Car, Ultra VW, Classic American and Milkcow for a number of years. His candid shooting style captures the atmosphere of the event perfectly.
07803 038 381

Press Photos
Can be downloaded at the following link:

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2416

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2852

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2589

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 – Part 4

And still they come….

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2232

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2234

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2371

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2544

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2605

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2648

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2743

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2761

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2762

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2779

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2816

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2845

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2864

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2878

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2940

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 – Part 1

Some of my shots are destined for a future issue of NSRA Street Gasser magazine. But I have heaps. Once Nervous Nick has decided which shots to use I’ll stick the rest up but for now here’s a few to whet your appetite. I’ve tried to get some of the people of this event in the shots, not just the cars, these are more people based.

Larger versions in the flickr set.

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2260

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2264

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2278

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2286

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2343

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2416

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2434

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2589

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2609

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2644

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2698

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2706

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2748

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2777

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 IMG_2822


Street Gasser December 2009

There’s nothing cooler than seeing Hot Rods used in anger. Thank fully Nervous Nick, Editor of the NSRA Magazine Street Gasser seems to agree and has used one of my Hot Rod Hayride track photos for the cover of the December Issue. Also inside is a feature that we put together covering the event.

For more photos from the Hayride check out the Flickr set here.

Street Gasser Cover December 2009


Street Gasser December 2009 Page 09 Street Gasser December 2009 Page 10

Street Gasser December 2009 Page 11 Street Gasser December 2009 Page 12

Street Gasser December 2009 Advert


Hot Rod Hayride 2009 Part 3

There are now 102 photos over in the flickr set. This was my first time at the Hayride and it was great taking shots in an environment where there are no modern cars to date the shots. I really support the strong gate policy, so much so that I felt like a bit of an interloper as my car is one year too young and not trad styled to take part in the show itself but I kept it out of the way. It was great to see my friend Simon (Nefarious Pinstriping) in action again, he did an epic job on the back of a 49 Chevy and I’ve never seen a striped panther before.

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 100

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 086

Some of my shots of Simon’s work will be in Pinstripe Planet 2 when it comes out, coincidentally Yak from Korero Book was also at the Hayride and we were able to give him a lift back to the Pavilion from the track. The tyres rub a bit 4′s up in the Camaro though! Here’s Yak in his ride to the track peeping out the back of this Buick.

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 084

At the Hayride I met photographer David Biene who has just realeased an awesome photography book called Hopped Up. All shot on film it perfectly captures the spirit of European Hot Rod Culture, well worth checking out. I have a copy on the way.  David’s work will be coming to Camden soon, if you get a chance to get down there don’t miss it. I also got talking to Darren from Milkcow Magazine at the Hayride and hope to be working with them soon. If you haven’t seen it and you’re into Hot Rods and Rockabilly lifestyle and culture you’re missing out. Also hanging out at the show was Brian Burrows, owner of Volkszone and organiser of many VW shows. It was cool to catch up with him and snap him hanging out on his Ford pickup.

Here are a few more shots from the Hayride…

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 085

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 090

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 069

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 045


Hot Rod Hayride 2009 Part 2

Working on some more photos this morning, see more in the Flickr set.

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 032

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 024

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 026

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 035

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 027

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 022

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 Part 1

Fantastic show at Bisley today, lots more photos to go through but here are some hot off the press…

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 001

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 008

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 009

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 011

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 012

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 013

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 019

Hot Rod Hayride 2009

Hot Rod Hayride 2009 017