People often ask me where I get my inspiration from or how they can learn more about photography. One of the answers to both is by looking at other people’s photos; I have a small collection of books for this. Looking at photos on the Internet is fine but nothing beats seeing photos in print, there is a magical tangible (literally) difference. This is a shot of my bedside bookcase.



Vintage Life Magazine

I came across this cool magazine for all the Cats and Hats that want to keep up with the latest trends and products on the Vintage Scene. It’s just about to hit the shelves in WHSmith. Hopefully I’ll be doing some work with them soon.

Vintage Life Magazine | Vintage style and fashion magazine! Available in WH Smith NOW!

Passenger 57 – Nefarious Pinstriping

Had a visit from Nefarious (Simon) today - who did a great job. I wanted to incorporate the hood bird from a 55 Chevy into the design as the 57 is the only Tri Chevy without a bird. It also fits with the Passenger 57 name of the car.







The Kustom Photography of George Barris

I’ve long been a fan of the cars of George Barris, I’ve even been lucky enough to see a few of them in the flesh but not many people know that Barris was also a photographer. George shot not only his own cars but any that he liked the look of such or those of Larry Watson and “Big Daddy” Ed Roth. The guys at Petersen Publishing quickly recognised his talent for photography and commissioned him to shoot for Hot Rod, Car Craft and Custom Cars. Some of his popular features were his “how to” photo stories showing readers how to perform the latest Kustom tricks themselves.

Now available on DVD is a documentary where Barris himself tells the tale of how this all worked, how he came to use his Roliflex Twin Lens camera and takes a tour of some of the locations that he used for his shoots. The DVD also come with a second disc with a video of the shots for you to enjoy. The DVD is available in the UK through Graham at American Automags here. It’s worth a viewing if you are into Kustom Kulture or of you are into Photography and want to learn how Barris got his sharp magazine features.

Passenger 57

Woo Hoo. I’ve always wanted a Tri-Chevy and finally I’ve got one! I met up with Wayne and Lee at Wheels Day who have just imported this ’57 Four Door Sedan 210 and checked it over. The deal was done and now it’s with Wayne to get it ready to MOT and register. Can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

Plans are a few mechanical upgrades to the suspension and steering, seatbelts and some custom cosmetic touches.

Hopped Up Exhibition

Back at the Hot Rod Hayride last year I met a chap called David Biene who had come over to the UK to promote his book Hopped Up. I picked up a copy and really enjoyed his B&W film shots of the European Hot Rod scene. David now has an exhibition in Camden at the Proud Gallery starting on 24th February 2010. More details on his blog here.

Jamie Livingston 1956-1997

Through Talk Photography I was sent on an amazing journey tonight into the word of Jamie Livingston. Jamie decided to take a Polariod photo of his life every day from March 31, 1979 through October 25, 1997. The collection of photos provides a very moving insight to his life through these 18 years through to his untimely death from cancer.

The presentation of the website is just right, no words and the pictures speak for themselves. Set some time to visit the site here.

Thanks for the memories Jamie.

Eyes Wide Open

Here’s an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often. May be of interest to a few folks.

“To celebrate the launch of the new Sony Ericsson Satio handset on Vodafone, photographer to the stars Jillian Edelstein has been commissioned to embark on a unique mission to capture the undeniable beauty and individuality of 121 eyes in only 12.1 hours.

Jillian Edelstein is one of the world’s most influential and celebrated portrait photographers, having captured the likes of Woody Allen, Nelson Mandela, Helena Bonham Carter and Blur to name but a few. Eyes Wide Open takes her gaze from the world of famous faces, and looks to delve into the realm of visual communication through the exploration of eyes.

Sony Ericsson are searching for people from all over the country and all walks of life to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of Eyes Wide Open. Members of the public can find out more and win the chance to be involved by visiting Simply upload your details, an image of your eyes and tell us why you’d like to be involved.

Jillian will be personally selecting the 61 participants from all applicants and inviting them to an invitation only Satio studio photoshoot. Taking place during the first week of December at central London Vodafone store.

Eyes Wide Open promises to be an experience like no other. Each lucky participant will have their eyes captured by Jillian on the new Satio handset and then be immortalised as part of an exclusive online gallery. For those not lucky enough to be chosen or are of a voyeuristic nature, the Satio studio photoshoot will be streamed live at”

Mopars at Brooklands – Sunday 24th May

For those that like the sound of Hemis, 440s and other V8s, come to Brooklands this Sunday.

There are three Dodge Chargers making thier debut with fresh paint/restorations, an awesome blown, injected 71 Hemi Cuda and even a new Dodge Challenger for those who like modern muscle. These along side many other cool muscle cars like The Punisher.

I’ll be there in my Camaro (in the non Mopar parking)

Richard Heeps – Man’s Ruin

Book Review: ISBN 978-095552900x

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Richard Heeps twice, once at the Xtreme Wheels Show at Alexandra Palace and once at the Rathbone Gallery at an exhibition of his work. Richard’s work has been an inspiration to me since I first picked up a camera in earnest, his work always stood out from the rest in Classic American magazine and it was great to be able to follow in his footsteps. Two of Richards prints are hanging in my dining room, including the cover to Mans Ruin. 

Mans Ruin showcases Richard’s Drag Racing, Bonneville, Burlesque, Hot Rod and Americana photos. All shot on film the oversaturated nostalgia bursts from the pages to provide a feast for your eyes. Each photo provides a vistual narative of the the person, car, interior or landscape and the compositions draw you into the dreamy world that has been captured for prosperity.