Mark Rebilas Photography

Website Review: 

Mark Rebilas’ Motorsport Photography takes you right into the heart of the action. Mark uses remote cameras fired by Pocket Wizards to put cameras in places too dangerous for mere mortals to stand.

Check out his behind the scenes coverage of the March Meet in Bakersfield for some breath taking drag racing shots.

Andy Martin – This Is Sunderland

Website Review:

Andy’s night photography of Sunderland shows his deep ability to capture the subitlies and colour of night light. Choosing to use film rather than digital, the medium reflects the subject of neglected and forgotten craftsmanship.

“The aim is to document the remaining industrial areas of Sunderland which was once the largest and most productive shipbuilding town in the world. Most of the photos are taken at night, and all on film using vintage camera equipment.”  Andy Martin.

Gary Winogrand – Arrivals and Departures

Book Review:  ISBN 987-1891024474

Winogrand is a master of documentatry shots and this book contains some rarley seen images of people in US airports. It shows a world long past when air travel was new and exiciting and people dressed alot smarter than they do now. The book could have included more material as a vast archive exists, as it stands you get to the end rather quickly.

Gary Winogrand - Arrivals and Departures

Sammy Davis Jr – Photo

Book Review: ISBN 978 0061146053 

Not many people will realise that Sammy Davis Jr was a photographer as well as a singer and dancer. This collection of mainly black and white photos gives an insight into the closed world of Hollywood parties. Sammy had access that press photographers could only dream of and captured some the greatest stars of the 20th Century at their most relaxed. The standard of photography is high but occasionally the lack of light and quality of the kit available at the time lets the shots down. Content is king here though. 

The only disappointment for me is there is only a small section of Sammy’s work with models and non-celebrities which he was probably proud of as he would have had more creative control, I would like to see more of this work.

Sammy Davis Jr - Photo

Annie Leibovitz – At Work

Book Review:  ISBN: 979-0224087575

As well as media whoring my own work on this website I’ll be sharing some of my inspiration and reviewing some of the photography books I’ve collected over the years. I’ve just finished reading this book. 

This book gives an insite into the career of Annie Leibowitz from her first job at Rolling Stone, through personal and commercial projects right up to the current day. The book is unusually about 75% text but punctuated by the appropriate pictures. Annie gives insight into the equipment she used throughout her career and how digital changed her work-flow, she also tells the behind the scenes stories of how shoots came to be, including her controversial shoot with the Queen in 2007. Also covered is her shoot for the OJ Trial, Watergate, the Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover and the very last picture of John Lennon. 

A very enjoyable read that gives an insight into how photography has changed over the last 40 years.

Annie Leibovitz - At work