Mark Rebilas Photography

Website Review: 

Mark Rebilas’ Motorsport Photography takes you right into the heart of the action. Mark uses remote cameras fired by Pocket Wizards to put cameras in places too dangerous for mere mortals to stand.

Check out his behind the scenes coverage of the March Meet in Bakersfield for some breath taking drag racing shots.

New Website Lauched!

So here it is! I’ve been posting on this area of the website for a few days but didn’t have it linked from the front page. Now when you come into the front page you get a small selection of photos and click through to the WordPress site. I decided to use WordPress after a recommendation from work. The old site was too manually intensive to update and I love the way this integrates with Facebook, FlickR, MySpace etc. It will mean I can spend more time adding content rather than time updating the code. I’d love to know what you think of the site and hope you’ll keep checking back.

Rig Versus Photoshop

I’ve been trying to build a rig on a budget for a while now. For anyone who doesn’t know a rig fixes to a car and allows the camera to move in sync with the car, the resulting shot has the car sharp and the background blurred with motion. I set out to try my new setup today. The rig consists of some glass carrying suction cups and a decorators extending rod. Unfortunately it’s still not stable enough and the camera was bobbing up and down as the car moved along. I need to rethink my idea. Anyway I wasn’t going to let the rig spoil my fun so decided to resort to my usual tactic of using Photoshop to create the effect.