Death Proof

I seem to share a passion for muscle cars with Quentin Tarantino. For some reason the poster for Death Proof features a 1967 Chevy Camaro RS just like mine but there isn’t one in the film. Some speculate that being the master of detail that he is,  Mr Tarantino did this on purpose as a nod to Vanishing Point where the white 70 Dodge Challenger (like the one in Death Prooof) is swapped for a 67 Camaro for the big crash scene at the end. Anyhoo I set about a shoot inspired by the film to include my 67 Camaro.

The British weather did get the better of us on the shoot as we had a foot of snow in South London in the week before the shoot but we still managed to grab a few shots. Thanks to Amanda Wyatt for braving the cold!

Large versions are available for wallpaper in the flickr set




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    I just found your blog on Ask Jeeves, a really good read.

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