Richard Heeps – Man’s Ruin

Book Review: ISBN 978-095552900x

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Richard Heeps twice, once at the Xtreme Wheels Show at Alexandra Palace and once at the Rathbone Gallery at an exhibition of his work. Richard’s work has been an inspiration to me since I first picked up a camera in earnest, his work always stood out from the rest in Classic American magazine and it was great to be able to follow in his footsteps. Two of Richards prints are hanging in my dining room, including the cover to Mans Ruin. 

Mans Ruin showcases Richard’s Drag Racing, Bonneville, Burlesque, Hot Rod and Americana photos. All shot on film the oversaturated nostalgia bursts from the pages to provide a feast for your eyes. Each photo provides a vistual narative of the the person, car, interior or landscape and the compositions draw you into the dreamy world that has been captured for prosperity. 


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