The Race

The Race – Winner and Answers

In every race there are always winners and losers.  I was really surprised how many correct entries were received in the prize draw to win a set of prints, it seems there are a lot of petrol heads who spend as much time watching DVDs as they do in the garage!

I’m pleased to say that the winner of the draw was Cheryl Williams, known as Witchywoo on many forums. Cheryl drives an awesome ratty Ford Pop (Henry) and her other half Chris drives one of the best rat look Beetles in the UK (The Bitch). I hope you enjoy the prints.

For those who wern’t sucessful prints are available at a very reasonable price from my photobox store.

Thanks to everyone who took part and all the kind messages about The Race, I may well revisit this style of shoot later this year.

For those that maybe didn’t get the answers, here they are:

Page 1 – American Graffiti

Page 2 – The Fast and The Furious

Page 3 – Two Lane Blacktop

Page 4 – The Fast and The Furious – Tokyo Drift

Page 5 – Le Mans

Page 6 – The Fast and The Furious / Smokey and The Bandit

Page 7 – The Driver

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