Harvey Clarke’s Deliverance – Custom Car

It’s always nice to be asked to shoot a car that has been built by Burnham Autos, the quality of their work is top notch. This Model A belonging to Harvey Clarke has been designed by Mark Brazier-Jones who mostly focuses on bespoke furniture but has provided some great design cues for this gothic sedan delivery. I chose to shoot it against the classic architecture of London, early enough in the morning that the streets were empty. The Sherlock Homes seemed appropriate, I could see him behind the wheel of this Hot Rod.

Deliverance IMG_9064

 Deliverance IMG_9303

Deliverance IMG_9136

Deliverance IMG_9202

Deliverance IMG_9239

Deliverance IMG_9162

Deliverance IMG_9290

Deliverance IMG_9266

Deliverance IMG_9317

Deliverance IMG_9323

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  • JJ


    Amazing work Nick!!!

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