Paul Carson’s 57 Chevy

Apologies for not updating the blog for a while. I have upped sticks from London and moved to Scotland. We have been completley renovating our house and that has taken up any time that would normally be spent on photography. Anyhoo over the winter a few shoots have appeared in Custom Car so let’s get you up to date. Here is Paul Carson’s 57 Chevy. Paul built this to tie in with a photo he saw of a SoCal Speed Shot ’57 from the 70s but gave it a 21st Centuary twist with the wheels. See more in the flickr set here.

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_5875

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_5833

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_5153

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_4977

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_4929


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