Brickfield Autos shoot for Volksworld

It was great to be able to do a shoot for Volksworld Magazine as I’ve been a big fan of the magazine since pretty much issue one back in the 80s. When asked to shoot with a model I contacted Malwina Lasota who I’d done a couple of shoots with before and she always produces good work. Brickfield Autos do some fantastic work and when you add Neil Melliard’s painting skills to the mox this bay came out really well. We had some location issues on the day so things didn’t quite come out as planned but overall it came out pretty well. See more in the flickr set here.

Brickfield Autos Bus IMG_6156

Brickfield Autos Bus IMG_6272

Brickfield Autos Bus IMG_6128

Brickfield Autos Bus IMG_6078

Brickfield Autos Bus IMG_6423

Brickfield Autos Bus IMG_6280

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