Annie Leibovitz – At Work

Book Review:  ISBN: 979-0224087575

As well as media whoring my own work on this website I’ll be sharing some of my inspiration and reviewing some of the photography books I’ve collected over the years. I’ve just finished reading this book. 

This book gives an insite into the career of Annie Leibowitz from her first job at Rolling Stone, through personal and commercial projects right up to the current day. The book is unusually about 75% text but punctuated by the appropriate pictures. Annie gives insight into the equipment she used throughout her career and how digital changed her work-flow, she also tells the behind the scenes stories of how shoots came to be, including her controversial shoot with the Queen in 2007. Also covered is her shoot for the OJ Trial, Watergate, the Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover and the very last picture of John Lennon. 

A very enjoyable read that gives an insight into how photography has changed over the last 40 years.

Annie Leibovitz - At work

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