Tutorial – Creating Motion

I had this tutorial on my old website and it proved to be popular so I thought it was time I moved it to this blog. By following the steps you can create the effect of a very long rig positioned in front or behind a car in motion. As always with Photoshop there are lots of different ways of achieving the same result, this is just how I did it.  The photos have my old URL on them which is no longer active. The cars belong to Derek and Scott Carter hence the title of the image “Father and Son”.

Step 1

The following was all done in Photoshop CS2. I opened up the original file, as you can see it is a little underexposed, this was to retain the detail as there was a lot of glare coming from the windscreens. Have a look for anything that needs fixing, in this case the Plymouths wheels weren’t pointing forward so I had a play with those by using the Polygonal Lasso, Free Transform and then fixing any bits missing with the Clone Tool.

Step 2

Using the Polygonal Lasso I created two new layers (one for each car) that will eventually sit right on top of the image. I created two layers in case I needed to adjust the levels on each car separately (I didn’t in the end).

Step 3

Making a copy of the background layer I cloned out the cars, this is so that when you create the motion blur bits of the car do not create a halo around the cars. You can be pretty rough with this as it is covered and blurred later on.

Step 4

Using the Filter, Blur, Radial Blur select Zoom and best quality, I think I used about 20 for the setting. I offset the centre to the left to be behind the Satellite.

Step 5

Put the layers in the right order. I decided to sort the colour and everything else as a whole so flattened the image and saved it as another file.

Step 6

Now I used the Show/Highlight Tool and played with the levels to sort out the exposure. Gave the image some more colour via saturation and contrast. Once all that was done I ran it through Noise Ninja to clean it up a little.

This particular image went on to be used by UPS for a presentation to Mopar in the US.

Mopar / UPS

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