Pinstripe Planet II

Released today is the much anticipated book Pinstripe Planet II from Korero Books.  You’ll find some of my photos in the book, in particular the section on my friend Nefarious’ (Simon Pollock) awesome work. Included in the book is my own pinstriped barbecue that Simon did for me.

I also shot the Panel that was painted for the cover. That’s right, if your not familiar with pinstriping it’s all done by hand, no computer wizardry involved here. The cover panel was difficult to photograph due to the size of it and the reflective nature of the paint. We did a good job representing the bright colours from the camera and Yak from Korero has done a good job of cleaning up the photo in photoshop, of course the real artist is the ‘striper. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

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  • Nefarious


    I've seen a copy but haven't got mine yet. Your photography is awesome, thanks!

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