The Art Of Photography Podcast

People often ask me how to improve their photos, I’m a big fan of practice, practice, practice but you need to know the basics first. I went on a City and Guilds evening class to learn how to use a camera, great fun and if you get a good group it’s fun sharing your photos every week but it is a large commitment to time that not everyone can make.

Recently I discovered  The Art Of Photography Podcast hosted by Ted Forbes and this would be the first port of call I would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their photography. Ted covers all the areas that I covered in the evening class I attended and then some. The great thing about Ted is there is no equipment snobbery, he’s quite happy to use a phone to take a photo if it’s the right tool for the job and has no prejudice about film or digital. As well as the technical aspects of photography Ted also takes inspiration from other photographers and reviews their work, discussing what makes a great photo.

If you’ve just picked up a camera for the first time or are a seasoned Pro wanting a refresher tune into Ted, you won’t regret it.

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