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Hot Rod Hayride 2010 – NSRA Street Gasser Magazine

Catching up with some published pieces over the last few months. This was my coverage of the Hayride for NSRA Street Gasser Magazine. I don’t normally do any writing so this was a departure for me. Nervous Nick let me layout my own pages too, a luxury rarely afforded to photographers.

Check out the flickr set for larger versions.

Don’t forget you can buy my book of the Hayride with profits all going to Brads.

“Such is the popularity of the Hot Rod HayRide that even the local police had booked their spot. As I arrived at The National Shooting Range it was like cruisin’ Jerry’s Cherrys, if only the pharaohs were on hand for a little mischief. It turned out that “the man” was actually pretty cool and soon waved me on my way.

As I drove on to site that Saturday morning I knew that the turn-out was bigger than ever. The Pharaohs might not have been there but it seemed like every Hot Rod club in Europe was represented. A few showers didn’t dampen the spirits and I could smell bacon being grilled as folks tried to clear the hangovers  ready for the day ahead. I could only imagine the fun I’d missed the night before.

My first port of call was the Art Show, I had some prints to drop off for the show and it seemed I was in good company. Tarq had some fantastic Tiki carvings, Nefarious and Crazy Painter some awesome Pinstriping and some new shots from Neal Reed at Retro Photo caught my eye. With my prints hung and a few people caught up with, it was time to head down to the track to catch up on the action.

Plenty of thrills and thankfully no spills at the dust bowl as Rodders, Racers and Riders entertained the crowd. One of the nostalgia stock cars had come all the way from Sweden. Off the track was a hip and happenin’ affair with picnics around pickups, chat over customs and yakking about yanks. The fashionable favoured the fifties and walked out in style. Bettys and Billies strolled hand in hand.

Back at Bisley and a chance to check out the shopping, this was where all the Hats and Cats had picked up their funky threads. The Petrolheads could spend their greenbacks at Jackhammer and pickup Moon goodies and other period performance parts. I picked up a copy of Kustom Kamera from Yak at Korero books and a T-shirt from the brave souls at the Wall of Death.

The convoy just kept coming back from the track and the show field was bursting with some the coolest cars ever to escape from America. Once people parked up it was time to open the beer and get their dancing shoes on. Sadly for me it was time to go home.”

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 NSRA Street Gasser Magazine Page 1 and 2

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 NSRA Street Gasser Magazine Page 3 and 4

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 NSRA Street Gasser Magazine Page 5 and 6


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