Hot Rod Hayride

Hot Rod Hayride 2011 – Part 1

What an epic weekend at the Hayride. Thanks to everyone who organises it and everyone I got to spend some drinking time with and jabbering about Hot Rods. Looking at my cameras I took my first shot on Saturday about 8am and my last shot that day at Sunday at 2am, then back up and out shooting again at the Flea market by 9am. So now I have over 2000 shots of cool cars, people and stuff to process. I have to pick out what is going to the mags, which myself and Neal Reed are supplying as part of the Hot Rod Photographers Alliance,  and then I start to get some online.

While you’re waiting here are a couple of shots of the Hayride’s first Wedding. Congratulations to Lucy and Paul Harwood.





  • Pat


    Looking forward to your photo coverage of the Hot Rod Hayride!

  • UK corporate photography


    Sounds really fun, like the shot of the shoes. Mark.

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