57 Chevy

Paul Carson’s 57 Chevy

Apologies for not updating the blog for a while. I have upped sticks from London and moved to Scotland. We have been completley renovating our house and that has taken up any time that would normally be spent on photography. Anyhoo over the winter a few shoots have appeared in Custom Car so let’s get you up to date. Here is Paul Carson’s 57 Chevy. Paul built this to tie in with a photo he saw of a SoCal Speed Shot ’57 from the 70s but gave it a 21st Centuary twist with the wheels. See more in the flickr set here.

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_5875

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_5833

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_5153

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_4977

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_4929


Light Painting my 57 Chevy

I’ve been told that lighting a black car at night was one of the hardest things to do so I thought I’d set myself a challenge. Working with a black car is hard at the best of times, it’s like working with a 18 foot long mirror, it can look great with beautiful blue skies reflected in the paintwork but can also show all the horrors of your location. I could have lit the car with a flash as I did with my Camaro previously but I’ve seen some shots on-line with softbox style reflections in the paint that have been created by light painting. This is a technique of leaving the shutter open and using the light like a brush to paint your subjects. I set off armed with camera, tripod, remote shutter and a battery powered fluorescent tube. After several attempts  where light from the lamp was captured directly rather than by reflection I got a fairly pleasing result with a 20 second exposure. Add some cleaning up in Photoshop and this is the result.


Light Painting Passenger 57


Passenger 57 – Roof Gallery

When I got my 57 Chevy I wanted this to be a fun car that I could get creative with, it was never going to be a 100 point resto. The next phase of creativity is complete today with the new headlining. I took down the fabric liner and covered the roof in damplifier to keep the noise down, then I painted the bit of roof on show black to tie in with the body and finally I have covered the roof in some of my favourite black and white photos. So next time your see the Chevy at a show check out the roof, you may find that you or your car are travelling with me all the time.

Larger photos in the flickr set.




Passenger 57

I finallly got hold of the ’57 Chevy a few weeks ago after waiting for the DVLA to inspect it. Here are a couple of shots as it came, the modifications have already started.

1957 Chevy Four Door Sedan 210 - Passenger 57 001

1957 Chevy Four Door Sedan 210 - Passenger 57 002

1957 Chevy Four Door Sedan 210 - Passenger 57 004

NSRA Hot Rod Drags 2009

Just one teaser photo from last weekend as the shots will be going off to NSRA Street Gasser Magazine. It was a day of epic weather but sadly oil downs stopped the racing quite a few times. Here is the Roaring Rat…