Krispy Kreme Meet February 2010

A few shots from a wet morning at the monthly Krispy Kreme meet. Great turnout considering the weather.

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 001

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 002

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 003

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 004

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 005

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 006

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 007

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 008

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 009

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 010

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 011

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 012

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 013

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 014

Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Feb 2010 015

Styling in Photoshop – Camaro

One of the great things about Photoshop is that you can see how things look before spending money doing them for real. I’ve been playing with a shot of my Camaro to see how it would look in a few guises.

Here is the original shot:

1967 Camaro

Lowered and with Foose Nitro wheels:

Pro Touring Camaro

Changed colour to black:


Bare metal with a smattering of rust due to the exposed metal:


Nineties style Pro Street pink:


Larger versions are available in the flickr set.

Lighting A Car With One Flash

I thought it was time I got to grips with lighting a car in the dark so went to have a play last weekend.

1967 Camaro

HD Version available to download here:


1 X Well used Canon 5D

1 X Abused Canon 24-105 IS L

1 X PT04 Sender and Reciever (AKA Ebay Poverty Triggers)

1 X Vivitar 285

1 X Neglected Manfrotto 055 Pro B

Memory Cards and Accessories to taste.  Similar ingredients are available from other manufacturers.


1. Find a dark space, if it is night this will happen everywhere. Position car as required, something cool works well. In this case my 1967 Chevy Camaro 327 RS.

2. Add lens to camera, add PT04 sender to the mix and then connect to tripod.

3. Set the camera to manual and set as follows: ISO 100, F4.0, 1/200, RAW, One shot, Timer. The actual exposure will depend on ambient light and the power of the flash. You will have to check the exposure and adjust accordingly. Also if shooting other than at right angles to the car F4 may not give enough depth of field.

4. Focus on the car, ensure that Autofocus is turned off to prevent any shift in focus.

5. Connect PT04 to Vivitar 285, turn both on. Set Vivitar 285 to 1/2 power.

6.  Fire shutter and then position yourself around the car and point the flash at the car. Hold the flash until the timer runs down, the shutter fires and the flash is triggered.

7. Repeat step 6 until you feel you have lit all parts of the car in separate exposures. This could include putting the flash inside the car, behind it or under it depending on the effect you want to achieve. You can chimp on the camera and scroll through to shots to check what you have got. Be careful not to get any direct reflections of the flash on the car, watch the angle you are using to fire the flash.

8. Now your ingredients are prepared it’s time to cook them. Layer all the shots in Photoshop or similar photoediting software and use “lighten” to blend the layers. You’ll find that making layers visible or not is like switching flashes on or off in a studio where you would have had lots of different lights all firing at once.

9. I usually then take one blended layer to do any final touch ups and colour correction. Then enjoy the results.

Here are the 8 shots that make up this image:

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 – Day 5

hot rod power tour 2009 day5

Lots of interstate driving today which is not the most interesting, more rain too, hopefully as we go further south it will clear up. It was hot and humid though as we completed the 250 mile drive to Dayton. We needed to go off and do some shopping so didn’t spend much time at the car show today. I was extremely pleased to see a very special car when we arrived, one the VW fanatics will appreciate, Project Death. How they drive this thing I’ve no idea but its uber cool.






I asked the owner of this van how long it took to mask the flames. Six weeks and $1000 of masking tape! He has the paitence of a saint.



A few more shots from the show…












There are some people we run into every day on the Tour, Jim and Maureen are always early to the show like us and some of the friendliest folks around. This is thier Camaro…


Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

Here are a couple of shots from a shoot I did last week in Wimbledon. I was able to use fire escape to get these top down shots that I’ve had in my mind for a while. The Model is Crystal Knight.

See the full Flickr set here.




Rig Versus Photoshop

I’ve been trying to build a rig on a budget for a while now. For anyone who doesn’t know a rig fixes to a car and allows the camera to move in sync with the car, the resulting shot has the car sharp and the background blurred with motion. I set out to try my new setup today. The rig consists of some glass carrying suction cups and a decorators extending rod. Unfortunately it’s still not stable enough and the camera was bobbing up and down as the car moved along. I need to rethink my idea. Anyway I wasn’t going to let the rig spoil my fun so decided to resort to my usual tactic of using Photoshop to create the effect.


Death Proof

I seem to share a passion for muscle cars with Quentin Tarantino. For some reason the poster for Death Proof features a 1967 Chevy Camaro RS just like mine but there isn’t one in the film. Some speculate that being the master of detail that he is,  Mr Tarantino did this on purpose as a nod to Vanishing Point where the white 70 Dodge Challenger (like the one in Death Prooof) is swapped for a 67 Camaro for the big crash scene at the end. Anyhoo I set about a shoot inspired by the film to include my 67 Camaro.

The British weather did get the better of us on the shoot as we had a foot of snow in South London in the week before the shoot but we still managed to grab a few shots. Thanks to Amanda Wyatt for braving the cold!

Large versions are available for wallpaper in the flickr set