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Paul Carson’s 57 Chevy

Apologies for not updating the blog for a while. I have upped sticks from London and moved to Scotland. We have been completley renovating our house and that has taken up any time that would normally be spent on photography. Anyhoo over the winter a few shoots have appeared in Custom Car so let’s get you up to date. Here is Paul Carson’s 57 Chevy. Paul built this to tie in with a photo he saw of a SoCal Speed Shot ’57 from the 70s but gave it a 21st Centuary twist with the wheels. See more in the flickr set here.

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_5875

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_5833

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_5153

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_4977

Paul Carson 57 Chevy IMG_4929


Harvey Clarke’s Deliverance – Custom Car

It’s always nice to be asked to shoot a car that has been built by Burnham Autos, the quality of their work is top notch. This Model A belonging to Harvey Clarke has been designed by Mark Brazier-Jones who mostly focuses on bespoke furniture but has provided some great design cues for this gothic sedan delivery. I chose to shoot it against the classic architecture of London, early enough in the morning that the streets were empty. The Sherlock Homes seemed appropriate, I could see him behind the wheel of this Hot Rod.

Deliverance IMG_9064

 Deliverance IMG_9303

Deliverance IMG_9136

Deliverance IMG_9202

Deliverance IMG_9239

Deliverance IMG_9162

Deliverance IMG_9290

Deliverance IMG_9266

Deliverance IMG_9317

Deliverance IMG_9323

Steve Cooke 36 Pickup With Betty Havoc for Custom Car

I went all the way up to Kings Lynn to shoot this 36 Pickup, I’d seen it at the Hayride and was keen to shoot it. Betty Havoc and Dave Biggadyke came along to the shoot but Dave didn’t make it into any of the photos LOL.

Custom Car Magazine Steve Cooke Pickup with Betty Havok IMG_9852

Custom Car January 2011 – Two Lane Black Top

Here’s a shoot I did for Custom Car last month. All credit to Rob who build the 55 Gasser it is absolutely spot on to the film, even down to a working fuel filler in the trunk which the actual film car never had.

Thanks to Miranda Barrie for a great job modelling for the shoot. I was shooting another car for Custom Car in the area that day and she was actually picked for the other shoot, in which she is far more glamerous, she then had to wreck her nice hair and make-up to get the TLBT look

See more in the Flickr Set.

Two Lane Blacktop Contact Sheet 1

Two Lane Blacktop Contact Sheet 2

Some of the shot we tried to recreate from the film. I took some screen shots and used my phone to line the shot up on location and then you can see the end result.

Two Lane Blacktop Custom Car Magazine 1 film

Two Lane Blacktop Custom Car Magazine 2 shoot

Two Lane Blacktop Custom Car Magazine 3 shot

Custom Car December 2010 – Stuart Lober’s 32 Ford

This shoot took place in November 2009 on a very cold night in Southend. The brief for the shoot was to set the car at night as this car could have been involved in American Graffiti as it was in the right place at the right time. It’s a genuine 50s build rod and looks every bit as good as when it was put together.

See more shots in the flickr set.


Stuart Lober 32 Ford, Custom Car Magazine 001


Stuart Lober 32 Ford, Custom Car Magazine 002

Stuart Lober 32 Ford, Custom Car Magazine 005

Stuart Lober 32 Ford, Custom Car Magazine 014

Stuart Lober 32 Ford, Custom Car Magazine 017

Life’s a Gas – Coming 8th January 2010

Can’t wait for the February issue of Custom Car, the shot on the top of the preview column in this months mag shows Knoxville Roxie at Tim’s Gasser Cave where we had a blast shooting some very cool Chevy’s.

Custom Car January 2010 Coming Next Month

Custom Car – December 2009

Hitting the news stands shortly will be the December issue of Custom Car, inside you’ll find a feature I shot of Callum Tidd’s Lotus Twin Cam powered Ford 100E. We had some fun shooting it, Callum likes to make sure his tyres are warmed up before setting off anywhere. This is the cover to look out for: