George Barris

Rhythm Riot 2011 – Part 1

Bazinga! What a weekend at the Rhythm Riot it just gets better and better. I’ve got a whole mountain of shots to go through so bare with me as it will take a while. I covered half the weekend and Neal Reed covered the other half.  George Barris certainly was a hit at the show, taking time to speak to anyone who wanted and telling some great tales of times gone by.  The cars of Gary Hillman made the Barris visit even more special, George hadn’t seen some of these cars for 30 years. The was also a very special Model A début at the show, fresh out of Paul Burham‘s workshop, more on that later. Top bands played all weekend and people danced their shoes off. Other highlights included the burlesque skills of Cherry Shakewell and Missy Malone which were followed by a very brave chap proposing to his girlfriend on stage , luckily  the answer was yes!


I’m sure there are bits I’m forgetting so I’ll come back to those later. Massive thanks to Robin, Collette and Jerry for hosting an epic weekend.


Now on with a few photos to get you started…



















By the way if anyone thinks that photographer have an easy life, this was my schedule for Saturday:

12:00 DJ Bill and Jimmy Guntrip Queen Vic Pub
12:30 George Barris Q&A Lunars Bar
13:30 The Western Toneflyers Queen Vic Pub
14:00 Signing of the Cars Hire Time Annex
15:00 Have a go DJ Session Queen Vic Pub
16:00 Ali Gator & his real hot Reptile Rockers Queen Vic Pub
16:30 DJ 10″ Wonderboy Lunars Bar
17:00 Break for food Room
18:00 DJ Pooly Lunars Bar
18:30 DJ Per Rock Ballroom
19:00 The Crown Top Kings Ballroom
20:00 DJ Wildcat Pete Lunars Bar
20:30 DJ Johnny Congeroo Ballroom
20:45 Lewen Stark and the Slide Boppers Ballroom
21:30 DJ Moon Lunars Bar
22:00 DJ Juarez Ballroom
22:30 The Bobbettes Ballroom
23:00 Lady Kamikaze Queen Vic Pub
23:30 DJ Tev Collins and Steve Grinster Lunars Bar
23:45 Burlesque – Missy Malone and Cherry Shakewell Queen Vic Pub
00:00 DJ Lewen Stark Ballroom
00:15 JD McPherson Ballroom
01:00 DJ Flintstones Lunars Bar
01:15 El Nino Queen Vic Pub
01:30 Burlesque – Missy Malone and Cherry Shakewell Queen Vic Pub
01:45 DJ Vanessa Ballroom
02:00 Roy Thompson and his Mellow Kings Ballroom
02:45 DJ Mark Armstrong Ballroom

And that didn’t include all the peripheral activities too, still hopefully the photos will make you think it was worth the effort.

Rhythm Riot 2011

I’m delighted to announce that Neal Reed and I will be covering the Rhythm Riot again this year as part of the Hot Rod Photographers Alliance. I had a blast last year and this year has the added bonus of George Barris and some very special cars in attendance.  I hear that it is almost sold out already so get your bookings in now! See you there.

Rhythm Riot 2010 005

Rhythm Riot 2010 020

Rhythm Riot 2010 037

Rhythm Riot 2010 031

Rhythm Riot 2010 042

The Kustom Photography of George Barris

I’ve long been a fan of the cars of George Barris, I’ve even been lucky enough to see a few of them in the flesh but not many people know that Barris was also a photographer. George shot not only his own cars but any that he liked the look of such or those of Larry Watson and “Big Daddy” Ed Roth. The guys at Petersen Publishing quickly recognised his talent for photography and commissioned him to shoot for Hot Rod, Car Craft and Custom Cars. Some of his popular features were his “how to” photo stories showing readers how to perform the latest Kustom tricks themselves.

Now available on DVD is a documentary where Barris himself tells the tale of how this all worked, how he came to use his Roliflex Twin Lens camera and takes a tour of some of the locations that he used for his shoots. The DVD also come with a second disc with a video of the shots for you to enjoy. The DVD is available in the UK through Graham at American Automags here. It’s worth a viewing if you are into Kustom Kulture or of you are into Photography and want to learn how Barris got his sharp magazine features.