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Hot Rod Hayride 2011 Tearsheets

Here’s some of the tearsheets of the Hayride coverage, still more to come yet. First up my article in Street Gasser Magazine, I wrote the article for this one too.




“When something as popular as the Hayride undergoes change there is always a lot of speculation in the run up to the event. the announcement following last years Hayride that the Executioners would no longer be helping with the organisation left many people worried about the future. Add to the mix that the NSRA Super and Mopar Nats both took place on the same weekend as the Hayride and fuel was added to the fire.
As I rolled into Bisley it was apparent that this years Hayride was bigger than ever before, just as many European clubs were represented as previous years and they all seem to have brought their friends. Many of the accommodation areas had sold out in advance. The show field policy of pre-66 styled cars and bikes was (mostly) maintained and it was bursting at the seams.
The Detonators Car Club stepped up to organise the Saturday afternoon entertainment and the dirt track was replaced with quarter mile flag start heads up Drag Racing at Dunsfold Aerodrome. Cars and bikes were separated into classes, knock out rounds took place and then the winners of each group raced each other. Not as many cars got to race as would have liked so I hope next year they will be able to accommodate more. I’d also like to see more burnouts, if Clarkeson can do it we should be able to too. The quickest car of the day (which also beat the quickest bike) was a 32 Sedan, but this was no American Blue Oval it was a Morris with a Union Jack on the roof and it came off the line like a scalded cat. The prizes were handed out by burlesque beauty Anna Fur Laxis and then the racing was rounded off with Lang racing a WWII Dakota Bomber in his 32 Roadster, another victory for 32s.
I had fully intended to check out the bands on Saturday night but I was kidnaped by French, Belgians, English and Welsh and forced to drink beer and Jack Daniels while watching three generations of Dutchmen dancing in cloggs in front of the pavilion. I kid you not. I blearily stumbled from my tent on Sunday morning to check out the Swap Meet, browse the Trade Stalls and then prepared for the spectacle of the Soap Box Derby. This resulted in another victory for a 32, this time a scale wooden sedan.
There was no need for trepidations about the Hayride, the foundations are strong and Anna, Jerry and the Detonators did an outstanding job of continuing the legacy. I’m just glad that the Hot Rod scene in the UK is so strong that it can support three major events on one weekend, there’s something to keep everyone happy.”

Next up the article in Classic American, this was a Hot Rod Photographers Alliance collaboration with Neal Reed. Keith Harman wrote the article.

Classic American 01

Classic American 02

There were also a couple of shots in Custom Car, still to be published is the Old Skool Rodz article, I gave different shots to all of the magazines.

Rhythm Riot 2011

I’m delighted to announce that Neal Reed and I will be covering the Rhythm Riot again this year as part of the Hot Rod Photographers Alliance. I had a blast last year and this year has the added bonus of George Barris and some very special cars in attendance.  I hear that it is almost sold out already so get your bookings in now! See you there.

Rhythm Riot 2010 005

Rhythm Riot 2010 020

Rhythm Riot 2010 037

Rhythm Riot 2010 031

Rhythm Riot 2010 042

Hot Rod Hayride 2011 – Part 1

What an epic weekend at the Hayride. Thanks to everyone who organises it and everyone I got to spend some drinking time with and jabbering about Hot Rods. Looking at my cameras I took my first shot on Saturday about 8am and my last shot that day at Sunday at 2am, then back up and out shooting again at the Flea market by 9am. So now I have over 2000 shots of cool cars, people and stuff to process. I have to pick out what is going to the mags, which myself and Neal Reed are supplying as part of the Hot Rod Photographers Alliance,  and then I start to get some online.

While you’re waiting here are a couple of shots of the Hayride’s first Wedding. Congratulations to Lucy and Paul Harwood.




Hot Rod Hayride 2011

Really looking forward to the Hot Rod Hayride this year. I’m working in collaboration with Neal Reed from Retrophoto for Ol’ Skool Rodz and providing some images for NSRA Street Gasser. Myself an Neal are also gonna try and squeeze some shots out of our phones  and upload them live over the weekend to the Hot Rod Photographers Alliance website. It’s gonna be a blast!

Hot Rod Photographers Alliance

I’ve joined forces with seven other international Hot Rod Photographers to form the Hot Rod Photographers Alliance. Inspired by Capa, Cartier-Bresson and their friends and the creation of Magnum, we recognised that a collective of photographers can be greater than the sum of its parts. A global collective of photographers working towards to same goal of capturing the vibe of the coolest hobby on the planet, Hot Rodding.

We’re going to collaborate on some projects and maybe even exhibitions and books together, I’m very excited about it.