Hot Rod Power Tour 2009

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 – Day 1

hot rod power tour 2009 day1

So yesterday I forgot to mention our steed for the the Hot Rod Power Tour, a black 2009 Dodge Charger. Obviously we would prefer to be doing the Tour in an old car but the Dodge ties in nicely to my old Black ’67 Charger that I used to own.  They may only share a name but it’s a name that conjours up the menace of the villains in Bullet, the power of Blade and some good old boys delivering moonshine.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 025

Saturday here in Madison and the first thing we did was register at the Alliance Energy Centre. As we queue to enter I saw a car I recognised instantly in my rear view mirror, the 66 Charger know as 1st Wing. If you don’t know the story check it out over here. It was a car that had some people fooled for quite some time. As soon  as we parked up I headed over to check it out and it looks every bit as good as I thought it would.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 002

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 003

As the day progressed thousands of amazing cars turned up in Madison, I’ve never been to such a large gathering of Hot Rods and Muscle Cars in my life and didn’t know where to point the camera first. Everyone wants to talk cars and everyone has time to tell you about thier ride, it’s a fantastic experience. The guys at Erodz Customs had a 63 Bel Air and a bunch of Sharpies and were asking people to write messages in thier car.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 004

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 005

There was a chance for people to prove that American cars can take corners in the Autocross, some cars were pushed to the limit.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 020

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 019

Unfortunatley as the day went on it became more like a show in the UK as the sky turned dark and then the rain came. I felt sorry for the guys who were running slicks!

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 022

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 001

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 009

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 012

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 014

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 023

More photos in the flickr set here.

Welcome to Mad Town

So here we are in Madison, WI or Mad Town as it is nick named. The Hot Rod Power Tour doesn’t even start until tomorrow and already the streets have been brought to life with the rumble of V8s and the glare of candy paints. The guys at Hot Rod and Bang Shift put together a little cruise in for us early birds tonight at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Middleton.

A fine evening of weather brought out some awesome cars and people. First inspection of the car park drew us straight to Ring Brothers stand where they had two mind blowing Pro Touring cars on display, a 69 Camaro and a 67 Mustang Fastback. The attention to detail on these cars is second to none. We went to eat after that and shared a table with Bob and Sue who own a great Kermit green Chevy Nova. It was great to chat to them and realise that car guys are car guys all over the world. After eating we met up with Jim and Maureen who have a super clean 69 Camaro SS, they’re hear for the Long Haul. Jim seems to be driving though even though the licence plate reads “Her SS”.

Further wandering around he car park brought us to a nice looking puke green 71 Hemi Cuda convertible with what looked like a four speed. The owner asked me if I liked Hemis, who’s going to say no! He said this was the only Hemi car he had that wasn’t numbers matching,  this car had a 572 with a 5 speed box. Back home this Cuda shares garage space with two other Hemi Cudas, two Hemi Challengers and a 69 Hemi Charger. He didn’t need to tell me his name, I said, pleased to meet you, you must be Mr Hemi.

It was great to check out the new Camaro in the flesh, very nicely proportioned and a great looking car.  Another favorite was a 59 Chevy Brookwood, ratty as hell with a surf board on the roof, gnarly dude.

More photos in the flickr set here.






Live Webcams on the Hot Rod Power Tour

Hot Rod Magazine are providing a live feed from the Power Tour so you can follow the action from anywhere in the world.

Check it out here…

Spot me on the Hot Rod Power Tour

I’ve taken delivery of some T-Shirts and stickers from Cafepress so people can spot me on the Power Tour. My wife also has a T-Shirt (but we won’t be wearing them on the same day!). I’ll also be sporting some T-Shirts supporting some other British automotive institutions, The Ace Cafe, The Mopar Muscle Association and Jagerbug. See you in Madison. 




Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 Route Announced

The excitement continues to build as the route for the Hot Rod Power Tour has been released today.

Full details are on the Hot Rod Website, where there is a document detailing the route to download.

There has been a change to one of the stops and some hard work must have gone into getting a suitable venue organised at short notice. Well done to everyone at Family Events and Hot Rod for acting so quickly.

Here is the official line:

HOT ROD Magazine and the Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau are pleased to announce a new location for the Tuesday, June 9th stop of the HOT ROD Magazine Power Tour in Detroit. The new venue will be Metro Beach Metropark (click Here for map), a 770-acre park on Lake St. Clair located east of Mt. Clemens in Macomb County. Check out the picturesque venue by visiting Metro Beach’s photo gallery website by clicking here.

While Power Tour was scheduled to stop at the General Motors Warren Technical Center on Tuesday, June 9th, GM has decided not to host the stop on the tour so that their employees can remain focused on restructuring GM for success in the future. Our friends at GM sincerely regret the timing of this decision.

“Over the past 15 years, we’ve learned that even with the best planning and attention to details, there will always be surprises with Power Tour,” said Jerry Pitt, Publisher of HOT ROD Magazine. “Thanks to the efforts of our hardworking team and our partners at the Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau we were able to find an excellent location in close proximity to the GM Technical Center in Warren.”

The best news is that the new venue is close to all current hotel accommodations. The new venue for the metro Detroit area is less than 22 miles from the GM Technical Center.”

Build up to the Hot Rod Power Tour

Just over three weeks to go until I set off for the Power Tour.  I’ve found a couple of message boards where people are also getting ready to go and am enjoying the banter:

Hot Rod Power Tour Forum Power Tour Forum

Team Camaro Events Forum

Thread on The H.A.M.B. 

I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of people and getting a better view of America. I’ve been to plenty of places in the USA but only really up and down each coast. Boston, New York, Miami, Key West, Sacramento, San Francisco, LA and Yosemite (wow more than I thought) are all fantastic places but I’ve never really interacted with the “locals”.  

I’ve ordered in some extra memory for the camera ready for the trip and have prepared a mount for my old Canon 300D to get some in-flight shots while we are out on the road. I’ve also ordered a couple of T-Shirts and some stickers so I’ll be easier to spot on the tour, I’ll add some photos up here when they arrive.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2009

I am delighted, ecstatic and overjoyed to announce that I will be taking part in this years Hot Rod Power Tour! This event combines long term ambitions of mine to attend a major hot rod event in the US and plan a road trip accross some of the States that I have not visited. 

I will be bringing you a daily report from the tour (along with plenty of photos of course) and thanks to the team at Family Events and Hot Rod Magazine I hope to interview some of the movers and shakers in the Hot Rod world who participate .  Unfortunately I won’t be able to ship over my ’67 Camaro from the UK for the event but the organisers have agreed to me using a rental car.

Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour® Gears Up for 15th Anniversary Tour.

The pages of Hot Rod Magazine will come to life as thousands of hot rods & performance vehicles hit the road on a historic 7-city, 8-day journey, that kicks off in Madison, WI Saturday, June 6th 2009. (MADISON, WI)

The 2009 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour® presented by GM Performance Division, widely considered to be the finest high-end automotive tour in the world, will kickoff from the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI Saturday, June 6th. This signature event of Hot Rod Magazine is the ultimate hot rodding adventure, traveling over 4,500 hot rods & performance vehicles on a 1,200 mile journey. This year’s event will roll through the Midwest and Central States and end in the Appalachian region of Tennessee. Once the Tour launches from Madison, Wisconsin at the Alliant Energy Center on Saturday, June 6th , the cruise will continue on a 7-city, 8-day journey through the heartland of America on the way to a final destination at the “Holy Grail of Motorsports”, Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee on Friday June 12th.

The Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour brings the automotive enthusiast and the automotive aftermarket together to celebrate their combined passion of all things automotive. Event organizers anticipate over 4,500 vehicles and well over 65,000 spectators to participate in this 15th Anniversary Tour despite tough economic conditions and the obstacles facing the automotive industry today.

When these high-end performance vehicles kickoff the event in Madison on June 6th, they will focus a nationwide buzz in the automotive aftermarket world will focus on this legendary Tour. The enthusiastic drivers and travel companions making the tour will make a significant impact on the local economies when they roll into each city along the way. Power Tour embodies everything that Hot Rod Magazine has represented for over 60 years. Event participants & spectators can plan to see not only the nation’s largest motorized traveling spectacle but also the latest never before seen project vehicles from GM Performance Division, the cover cars of Hot Rod Magazine, and a range of activities at each Tour stop including manufacturer displays, appearances by industry legends like Vic Edelbrock of Edelbrock Performance Products and spectacular give-a-ways. And, being Hot Rod’s signature event, Hot Rod editorial staffers will take thousands of photos and collect the stories of the road for their extensive post-tour coverage in the magazine and on the daily-updated

While a large number of the participants in the tour make the “long haul” and complete all the stops, others rendezvous with the tour and come along for shorter legs of the journey. At each stopover, local enthusiasts by the thousands come to display their vehicles for the day and take in the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour experience.

The Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour is a traveling aftermarket fair.

In addition to the enthusiasts making the tour or stopping in for a day, 50 of the world’s premiere automotive and aftermarket parts manufacturers also come along. At each stopover city, these companies set up a huge midway filled with their latest performance parts and specialty service wares.

Participating sponsors include all hosting cities, ANPAC Insurance, Nitto Tire, Peak Antifreeze, Stainless Steel Brakes, Spectre, Air Ride Technologies, Cherry Bomb, Comp Performance Group, Edlebrock, Gold Eagle, Magna Flow, Mothers Polish, MSD Ignitions, Pypes Exhaust, Royal Purple, U-Coat It, Ididit, SEMA, Mobile One and Year One.

Hot Rod Magazine Publisher Jerry Pitt commented, “We expect thousands of automotive enthusiasts from all over the country to come out and see our traveling automotive collection of priceless high-end performance and specialty hot rods. Everyone has a connection with a classic car. So many people share the memory of cruising their hometown main drag or the local drive-in. The Power Tour welcomes everyone with a connection to America’s love affair with the automobile, even the casual enthusiast, as the event is free to all spectators at each stop.”

Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour 2009 itinerary:

Stop #1 Saturday, June 6 Madison, WI Alliant Energy Center

Stop #2 Sunday, June 7 Racine, WI Downtown Lakefront

Stop #3 Monday June 8 South Bend, IN St. Joseph County Fairgrounds

Stop #4 Tuesday, June 9 Warren, MI (Detroit) General Motors Technical Center

Stop #5 Wednesday, June 10 Dayton, OH University of Dayton Arena

Stop #6 Thursday, June 11 Somerset, KY Center for Rural Development

Stop#7 Friday, June 12 Bristol, TN Bristol Motor Speedway

Those participants who achieve “long-hauler” status by completing all seven stops on the tour will remain in Bristol for an extra morning filled with special awards ceremonies, photos, and festivities on Saturday, June 13th.

Hot Rod Power Tour Website