Light Painting

Light Painting my 57 Chevy

I’ve been told that lighting a black car at night was one of the hardest things to do so I thought I’d set myself a challenge. Working with a black car is hard at the best of times, it’s like working with a 18 foot long mirror, it can look great with beautiful blue skies reflected in the paintwork but can also show all the horrors of your location. I could have lit the car with a flash as I did with my Camaro previously but I’ve seen some shots on-line with softbox style reflections in the paint that have been created by light painting. This is a technique of leaving the shutter open and using the light like a brush to paint your subjects. I set off armed with camera, tripod, remote shutter and a battery powered fluorescent tube. After several attempts  where light from the lamp was captured directly rather than by reflection I got a fairly pleasing result with a 20 second exposure. Add some cleaning up in Photoshop and this is the result.

Light Painting Passenger 57