Harvey Clarke’s Deliverance – Custom Car

It’s always nice to be asked to shoot a car that has been built by Burnham Autos, the quality of their work is top notch. This Model A belonging to Harvey Clarke has been designed by Mark Brazier-Jones who mostly focuses on bespoke furniture but has provided some great design cues for this gothic sedan delivery. I chose to shoot it against the classic architecture of London, early enough in the morning that the streets were empty. The Sherlock Homes seemed appropriate, I could see him behind the wheel of this Hot Rod.

Deliverance IMG_9064

 Deliverance IMG_9303

Deliverance IMG_9136

Deliverance IMG_9202

Deliverance IMG_9239

Deliverance IMG_9162

Deliverance IMG_9290

Deliverance IMG_9266

Deliverance IMG_9317

Deliverance IMG_9323

Tunnel Run London April 2012

Tunnel Runs have become popular with different groups of car guys in London. The idea being that you go through as many as possible to hear the roar of your engine as you pass through the tunnel. We set out for a Tunnel Run following the Chelsea cruise at the end of April. Unfortunately the weather was not kind and only a few hardy Hot Rods and Customs turned up, add to that many of the tunnels were closed and there were roadworks everywhere. Despite all of this we still had fun. Here is a short film of the journey. Available in 1080p through YouTube.

Invasion Earth

Met up with Malwina today for a quick shoot, a bit of retro Sci-Fi just for fun.

Invasion Earth 001

Invasion Earth 002

Invasion Earth 003

Invasion Earth 004

Invasion Earth 005

Invasion Earth 006

Brick Lane

Took a trip up to Brick Lane Market on this beautiful sunny Sunday. A few snaps, mainly of graffiti can be found in the Flickr set here.






Tube Face

From 22nd August through to 19th September I am embarking on a photographic project called “Tube Face”.

The idea behind the project is to shoot portraits on the London Underground of people showing strong emotions like happiness, laughter or suprise, in fact anything but the sanguine faces that you normally see on the Tube but most of all I’d like to show that Londoners can be happy.

I have a permit from the TFL Film Office to shoot on the Tube during this period and will be approaching random people and asking them to take part in the project. I am however open to the idea of using prearranged models/actors/anyone who wants to take part. I’ll mainly be shooting at weekends on the Victoria, District and Circle Lines. The photos will certainly be shown on my website and if the results are interesting enough I may try and get them shown in town.

If anyone wants to take participate in this project and show that London does have feelings please get in touch.


Krispy Kreme – February 2009

Even in the bleak mid winter the Hot Rodders and Muscle Car drivers of South London can’t resit the call of a doughnut and the chance to chat with like minded individuals. The third Sunday of the month guarantees the Krispy Kreme New Malden car park is full by 10am. The sun almost always shines on this event. 

See photos from the last few years in this flickr set. Here are a few shots from February ’09…