Hot Rod Hayride 2011 Tearsheets

Here’s some of the tearsheets of the Hayride coverage, still more to come yet. First up my article in Street Gasser Magazine, I wrote the article for this one too.




“When something as popular as the Hayride undergoes change there is always a lot of speculation in the run up to the event. the announcement following last years Hayride that the Executioners would no longer be helping with the organisation left many people worried about the future. Add to the mix that the NSRA Super and Mopar Nats both took place on the same weekend as the Hayride and fuel was added to the fire.
As I rolled into Bisley it was apparent that this years Hayride was bigger than ever before, just as many European clubs were represented as previous years and they all seem to have brought their friends. Many of the accommodation areas had sold out in advance. The show field policy of pre-66 styled cars and bikes was (mostly) maintained and it was bursting at the seams.
The Detonators Car Club stepped up to organise the Saturday afternoon entertainment and the dirt track was replaced with quarter mile flag start heads up Drag Racing at Dunsfold Aerodrome. Cars and bikes were separated into classes, knock out rounds took place and then the winners of each group raced each other. Not as many cars got to race as would have liked so I hope next year they will be able to accommodate more. I’d also like to see more burnouts, if Clarkeson can do it we should be able to too. The quickest car of the day (which also beat the quickest bike) was a 32 Sedan, but this was no American Blue Oval it was a Morris with a Union Jack on the roof and it came off the line like a scalded cat. The prizes were handed out by burlesque beauty Anna Fur Laxis and then the racing was rounded off with Lang racing a WWII Dakota Bomber in his 32 Roadster, another victory for 32s.
I had fully intended to check out the bands on Saturday night but I was kidnaped by French, Belgians, English and Welsh and forced to drink beer and Jack Daniels while watching three generations of Dutchmen dancing in cloggs in front of the pavilion. I kid you not. I blearily stumbled from my tent on Sunday morning to check out the Swap Meet, browse the Trade Stalls and then prepared for the spectacle of the Soap Box Derby. This resulted in another victory for a 32, this time a scale wooden sedan.
There was no need for trepidations about the Hayride, the foundations are strong and Anna, Jerry and the Detonators did an outstanding job of continuing the legacy. I’m just glad that the Hot Rod scene in the UK is so strong that it can support three major events on one weekend, there’s something to keep everyone happy.”

Next up the article in Classic American, this was a Hot Rod Photographers Alliance collaboration with Neal Reed. Keith Harman wrote the article.

Classic American 01

Classic American 02

There were also a couple of shots in Custom Car, still to be published is the Old Skool Rodz article, I gave different shots to all of the magazines.

Hot Rod Hayride 2011

Really looking forward to the Hot Rod Hayride this year. I’m working in collaboration with Neal Reed from Retrophoto for Ol’ Skool Rodz and providing some images for NSRA Street Gasser. Myself an Neal are also gonna try and squeeze some shots out of our phones  and upload them live over the weekend to the Hot Rod Photographers Alliance website. It’s gonna be a blast!

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 – NSRA Street Gasser Magazine

Catching up with some published pieces over the last few months. This was my coverage of the Hayride for NSRA Street Gasser Magazine. I don’t normally do any writing so this was a departure for me. Nervous Nick let me layout my own pages too, a luxury rarely afforded to photographers.

Check out the flickr set for larger versions.

Don’t forget you can buy my book of the Hayride with profits all going to Brads.

“Such is the popularity of the Hot Rod HayRide that even the local police had booked their spot. As I arrived at The National Shooting Range it was like cruisin’ Jerry’s Cherrys, if only the pharaohs were on hand for a little mischief. It turned out that “the man” was actually pretty cool and soon waved me on my way.

As I drove on to site that Saturday morning I knew that the turn-out was bigger than ever. The Pharaohs might not have been there but it seemed like every Hot Rod club in Europe was represented. A few showers didn’t dampen the spirits and I could smell bacon being grilled as folks tried to clear the hangovers  ready for the day ahead. I could only imagine the fun I’d missed the night before.

My first port of call was the Art Show, I had some prints to drop off for the show and it seemed I was in good company. Tarq had some fantastic Tiki carvings, Nefarious and Crazy Painter some awesome Pinstriping and some new shots from Neal Reed at Retro Photo caught my eye. With my prints hung and a few people caught up with, it was time to head down to the track to catch up on the action.

Plenty of thrills and thankfully no spills at the dust bowl as Rodders, Racers and Riders entertained the crowd. One of the nostalgia stock cars had come all the way from Sweden. Off the track was a hip and happenin’ affair with picnics around pickups, chat over customs and yakking about yanks. The fashionable favoured the fifties and walked out in style. Bettys and Billies strolled hand in hand.

Back at Bisley and a chance to check out the shopping, this was where all the Hats and Cats had picked up their funky threads. The Petrolheads could spend their greenbacks at Jackhammer and pickup Moon goodies and other period performance parts. I picked up a copy of Kustom Kamera from Yak at Korero books and a T-shirt from the brave souls at the Wall of Death.

The convoy just kept coming back from the track and the show field was bursting with some the coolest cars ever to escape from America. Once people parked up it was time to open the beer and get their dancing shoes on. Sadly for me it was time to go home.”

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 NSRA Street Gasser Magazine Page 1 and 2

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 NSRA Street Gasser Magazine Page 3 and 4

Hot Rod Hayride 2010 NSRA Street Gasser Magazine Page 5 and 6


NSRA Supernationals 2010

Went along to the NSRA Supernationals yesterday and it was an awesome day out. The weather was scorching and that always brings out the best cars. The show field was full before midday.

Check out more in the flickr set.

NSRA Supernats 2010 IMG_2116

NSRA Supernats 2010 IMG_2210

NSRA Supernats 2010 IMG_2211

NSRA Supernats 2010 IMG_2212

NSRA Supernats 2010 IMG_2204

NSRA Supernats 2010 IMG_2142

Lipstick and Dipstick Prints @ Billing Fun Run

If you’re going to Billing Aquadrome this weekend for the NSRA Fun Run be sure to visit the Art Show to check out my “Lipstick and Dipstick” prints.

Hot Rod Drags 2009 – NSRA Street Gasser

19th Septemeber 2009 and the sun shone over Shakespeare County Raceway for the 21st NSRA Hot Rod Drags. I was lucky enough to be trackside covering the event for the NSRA Magazine, Street Gasser. Gassers seem to be the cars of the hour and the centre spread is one of my shots, the Roaring Rat warming his tyres.

Check out all my shots in the flickr set here.

NSRA Street Gasser February 2010 Page 09

NSRA Street Gasser February 2010 Page 10 NSRA Street Gasser February 2010 Page 11

NSRA Hot Rod Drags 2009 NSRA Street Gasser February 2010 Page 16 NSRA Street Gasser February 2010 Page 17

NSRA Hot Rod Drags 2009 IMG_3676

NSRA Hot Rod Drags 2009 IMG_3422

NSRA Hot Rod Drags 2009 IMG_3539

NSRA Hot Rod Drags 2009 IMG_3634

NSRA Hot Rod Drags 2009 IMG_3864

Street Gasser December 2009

There’s nothing cooler than seeing Hot Rods used in anger. Thank fully Nervous Nick, Editor of the NSRA Magazine Street Gasser seems to agree and has used one of my Hot Rod Hayride track photos for the cover of the December Issue. Also inside is a feature that we put together covering the event.

For more photos from the Hayride check out the Flickr set here.

Street Gasser Cover December 2009


Street Gasser December 2009 Page 09 Street Gasser December 2009 Page 10

Street Gasser December 2009 Page 11 Street Gasser December 2009 Page 12

Street Gasser December 2009 Advert


NEC Classic Motor Show 2009

I went to the Classic Motor Show at the NEC at the weekend. I’ve never been before and was impressed at the variety and scale of the event. The two clubs that I am a member of, the MMA and the NSRA both had fantastic stands with top quality cars, I spent quite some time catching up with friends on both stands. I was fortunate enough to run into some of the guys from Volkszone, including Darren Walsh from Retro Motoring, he got some great photos of some of the rarer machinery over here. I was also able to visit the Milkcow stand to pick up a couple of copies of the issue with my shoot in and had a really inspiring chat with Danny Bedocs, I’m hoping to use some of his experience to help me with an upcoming project. All of that chat meant there was little time for photo taking but there a a few random shots in my flickr set here.





Billing Fun Run 2009

I went along to Billing Aquadrome yesterday to the NSRA Fun Run. The weather and cars really put me in the mood for the Power Tour next week. For all the photos check out the flickr set

Billing Fun Run 2009 047

Billing Fun Run 2009 019

Billing Fun Run 2009 028

Billing Fun Run 2009 037

Brighton Tattoo Convention

There was a call for some American cars to be involved in a display outside the Brighton Tattoo Convention so I thought I would make the 50 mile trip down and see what all the fuss is about.  I enjoy tattoos but can’t see I would ever have one as I would change my mind often about what to have. Despite the bitterly cold weather it turned out to be a great day out and I met up with a few guys from the NSRA forum and Volkszone

Check out the full flickr set.