Passenger 57

Passenger 57 – Roof Gallery

When I got my 57 Chevy I wanted this to be a fun car that I could get creative with, it was never going to be a 100 point resto. The next phase of creativity is complete today with the new headlining. I took down the fabric liner and covered the roof in damplifier to keep the noise down, then I painted the bit of roof on show black to tie in with the body and finally I have covered the roof in some of my favourite black and white photos. So next time your see the Chevy at a show check out the roof, you may find that you or your car are travelling with me all the time.

Larger photos in the flickr set.




Knoxvillle Roxie and Passenger 57

I met up with Knoxville Roxie the other day who I worked with on a couple of shoots for Custom Car. The purpose of the shoot was to get some shots of the ’57 Chevy as I hadn’t done a shoot with it. We got some fun shots in the hot weather. Check out the rest in the flickr set.


Knoxville Roxie and Passenger 57 IMG_1612

Knoxville Roxie and Passenger 57 IMG_1332

Knoxville Roxie and Passenger 57 IMG_1269

Knoxville Roxie and Passenger 57 IMG_1510

Knoxville Roxie and Passenger 57 IMG_2011

Passenger 57 – Nefarious Pinstriping

Had a visit from Nefarious (Simon) today - who did a great job. I wanted to incorporate the hood bird from a 55 Chevy into the design as the 57 is the only Tri Chevy without a bird. It also fits with the Passenger 57 name of the car.







Passenger 57

I finallly got hold of the ’57 Chevy a few weeks ago after waiting for the DVLA to inspect it. Here are a couple of shots as it came, the modifications have already started.

1957 Chevy Four Door Sedan 210 - Passenger 57 001

1957 Chevy Four Door Sedan 210 - Passenger 57 002

1957 Chevy Four Door Sedan 210 - Passenger 57 004

Passenger 57

Woo Hoo. I’ve always wanted a Tri-Chevy and finally I’ve got one! I met up with Wayne and Lee at Wheels Day who have just imported this ’57 Four Door Sedan 210 and checked it over. The deal was done and now it’s with Wayne to get it ready to MOT and register. Can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

Plans are a few mechanical upgrades to the suspension and steering, seatbelts and some custom cosmetic touches.