1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show – Chimay – Belgium – Part 1

Some shots going off to the mags but here’s a few to get started, some video to come too. It was amazing on Friday, epic on Saturday and a wash out Sunday. Loved the Executioners mock up of the car dealership from American Graffiti. Unfortunately the Moon Dragster had a run in with the armco, but everyone was alright.

Looking forward to the next one.

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium001

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium002

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium003

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium004

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium005

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium006

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium007

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium008

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium009

1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium010

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010

Had a great day down at the Brighton Tattoo Convention today at Brighton Racecourse. First off all it was awesome to see my photos on display in the Art Show, which had a whole building of it’s own at the event.

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 008

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 007

I even got my name on the posters..

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 022

Massive thanks to Woody and Lisa Bolton who organised the event and the Art Show. Lisa had some of her own work on show which was fantastic…

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 029

Sharing gallery space with me on the upstairs floor was the Sugar Project, which is an art event involving awe inspiring tattoo artists and artists from all over the country and hopefully the world! They have hand painting 50 skulls to be auctioned on ebay with all proceeds going to the urgent appeal to prevent the Woking Hospice from closing.  The first auction will start on March 22nd 2010 and the project will run for 5 days, 10 skulls being auctioned hourly each day.

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 025

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 009

I ran into some of the guys from Volkszone at the show, including Cherry who had a rather unusual tattoo to add to her collection.

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 005

It was a little like walking though a hospital surgery in the artists halls, listening to the needle guns firing as skin was pierced and art created.

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 028

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 021

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 019

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 017

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 014

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 004

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 001

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010 006

Check out more in the flickr set here.

Photoshop Tutorial – Faded Dirty Photos

A number of people have asked me how I processed the photos of Bug Jam recently, so here we have a step by step guide.

As these photos are only for posting on the web I processed them at 750 px x 500px rather than full size. This speeds up my work-flow. For anyone interested the shots were taken with a Canon 5D, 100-400 IS L, 24-105 IS L and some of the night shots were taken with a Canon IXUS IS 85. All processing was done in Photoshop CS4 although you should be able to achieve this with any photo processing software that supports layers. There are always lots of ways to achieve the same results, this is just the way I work.

The first thing I do when processing shots like this is to decide on a style and crate a template. So I start with a 750 px x 500px blank image.


I added a border to finish the photos in plain white. I did this by adding a solid white layer and cutting out a window.


Next I added my website logo in the corner of the image with a drop shadow. I also have a custom brush that paints my logo onto anything.


Adding the grime. I have a number of dirty paper images that I purchased from Shutterstock , I sold some of my photos through them and reinvested the money in some useful textures and backgrounds. I dragged the paper in as a new layer…


…then blended the paper onto the other layers using multiply and then faded the opacity to 50%.


Now I created a new blended fill layer in a selected area on the right of the image. This is to simulate a light leak on an old camera or Holga type camera. The negatives would often be exposed to light on one side when the sun had leaked into the back of the camera. This layer also had the opacity reduced.


With the template complete I can now get on with processing the actual photos. I just shot in JPEG rather than RAW, again to cut down on workflow time and as these were just for fun rather than criticial like magazine work. This is a panning shot taken from the grass banking at the Pod with the 100-400, camera set to Time Value of 1/125th second.


To process the colour I used an action from Totally Rad Actions called Troy. It’s one of thier free to try actions. I really must purchase the full set next time I have the cash.


The final step is to drag the colour processed photo onto the template so that the layers take effect and then save for web. Onto the next photo and again drag into the template and save.


So that is how I created the Bug Jam photos and gives you an idea about my work-flow. I hope you’ve found it useful, if you did let me know.