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Mark Rebilas Photography

Website Review: 

Mark Rebilas’ Motorsport Photography takes you right into the heart of the action. Mark uses remote cameras fired by Pocket Wizards to put cameras in places too dangerous for mere mortals to stand.

Check out his behind the scenes coverage of the March Meet in Bakersfield for some breath taking drag racing shots.

Andy Martin – This Is Sunderland

Website Review:

Andy’s night photography of Sunderland shows his deep ability to capture the subitlies and colour of night light. Choosing to use film rather than digital, the medium reflects the subject of neglected and forgotten craftsmanship.

“The aim is to document the remaining industrial areas of Sunderland which was once the largest and most productive shipbuilding town in the world. Most of the photos are taken at night, and all on film using vintage camera equipment.”  Andy Martin.